National Puppy Day

You are my puppy! The sweetest and most beautiful Tibetan spaniel I could ever have! You were a gift, after Roxanne passed away, a half Tibetan spaniel and Pomeranian. Every time I return home, you greed me with the best smile and amazing roll overs! You are the best puppy!

I am ME, not meet. See the Individual. Go vegan.

While I was away for Christmas holidays, I read about a campaign by PETA which used a rather interesting approach to encourage people to go vegan from 2017 and onwards. The campaign was evident at Clapham Common tube station on December 31st 2016 and run for two weeks. It was UK’s first ever vegan tube take … More I am ME, not meet. See the Individual. Go vegan.

Time to cook!

Sometimes feeding your beloved puppy requires a little more effort than opening a tin – making the extra effort to reward a dog with a homemade meal is beneficial not only to their health, but also to you – as your dinner leftovers can go a long way towards feeding your four-legged friend, and save … More Time to cook!