My favourite dog blogs!

As my final post, I have chosen something like a… meta-post, where I will reference some of my favourite blogs, and the communities that dog owners and enthusiasts seem to be drawn to to share stories, thoughts and of course beautiful pictures of their dogs.


A wonderful and very frequently updated blog, with lots of suggestions on dog (and human) wellness, health and eco-consciousness. I very frequently consult this blog for actual, practical advice on day-to-day dog things, and sometimes I am surprised at how me and Maggie (the blog owner) share similar thoughts and stories.


This is professional-grade blogging, focusing comprehensively on health and nutrition matters as well as supporting various causes for stray dogs and showcasing real stories of dogs rescued from very poor conditions. A rich forum brings the community together, where new dog owners can get input from experienced pet-loving veterans and professionals.


It is commercial, on the one hand, but very informative on the other – and it contains information about training, grooming and feeding your dog, as well as nice, London-based pictures of dog explorers. Quite inspiring sometimes!


The official blog of the RSPCA – it is of course predominantly welfare-oriented, but again contains lots of interesting information and real stories about pets. Following this blog, which is also very frequently updated by the organisation, makes the dog-owner very conscious and responsible as well.


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