Music and pets

A life-saving YouTube channel has created an amazing playlist with relaxing music for dogs:

This particular clip is eight-hours long, but shorter versions exist for a variety of situations, including for when your dog is stressed, hyper-active, sad or just needs to be calmed down for bed.

A lot of effort has been put onto this project – and I don’t know how well it will work on my dog, but it has certainly helped relax me already!

The truth is, however, that this is not the only music targeted to canines which is available online. A quick search on both iTunes and Spotify yields many results, from different artists and composers, all aimed at the peace and tranquillity of your dog.

This trend hasn’t gone unnoticed, and several enthusiasts have found out that out of all the music genres, it is classical music that has the most calming effect on dogs. The question of dogs’ response to music has even sparked actual research (e.g. which has properly investigated all these questions.



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