How to groom your pet


It’s Saturday morning and I am just getting up after a stressful week. So I think, what better way to start the weekend than spend some time with Max? But I notice that my furry pal feels a little warm – it is springtime after all. It seems like it is time for a haircut! Here are my top tips on how to spend a wonderful and refreshing morning together, doing something that your pal will certainly appreciate.

  • Brush and comb your dog so that you remove large amounts of dirt before starting your bath.
  • Prepare your dog for the bath, getting the water lukewarm and bringing its favourite dog shampoo – you will also need some towels for drying.
  • Soak the dog thoroughly before starting to massage it with the shampoo, starting from the neck and moving downwards towards its legs.
  • Rinse carefully all the shampoo from the dog, and get ready to dry it, using the towels; you might need to wrap them around the dog a few times to keep it warm.
  • To fully dry your dog, you can use a hair dryer, using the coolest available setting and be very mindful of the dog’s reactions.
  • Give it a tasty treat as a well-deserved break!
  • Grab your electric clipper (well worth the investment) and start running it on the dog’s fur, deciding how long or short the fur needs to be. Be particularly careful around sensitive areas – you can use a pair of scissors for more precise work as needed.
  • Brush and comb the dog again to make the fur look brilliant and smooth.
  • Give it a lovely hug and go spend your Saturday together!

I remember the first time I did it – it took me a very long time and I was nervous of the entire process. And it is normal that you and Ekavi might be nervous as well at first, but practice makes perfect, and it is a routine that can turn out to be quite enjoyable in the end!


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