Top tech for your pet

Why would you think that only you are entitled to the cool gadgets? If you deserve the latest iPhone, your dog most certainly needs a smart feeder, an activity tracker and even (believe-it-or-not!) Skype. Here are some of the smartest options for the tech-savvy dog-owner:

Petnet Smart Feeder

A feeder which knows not only when to dispense food for your friend Max, depending on how you define dinner time – but can also calculate how much food he needs, based on his weight, age and level of activity. Very hand for when you are away, and of course it is controlled with your smartphone! dj



Voyce Dog Collar

The fitbit-equivalent for your dog, Voyce Dog Collar measures your dog’s activity, motion, calories burned, heart rate and notifies you (and your vet) about anything abnormal. Healthy pugs are happier pugs, so the $200 price-tag it comes with is probably worth it! erdf





Also for the travelling dog-owner, Petcube is a camera that sits on a shelf and allows you to see your beloved puppy while you are away, and also speak to them via its built-in speakers. Quite handy to keep in touch with the family, right?gf


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