What’s in a name?

Naming a pet shouldn’t be harder than naming a baby, right?


Well, not in my case. I know I will be naming my children after my parents, but what about my dogs? I have to find a suitable name for all three of them. I could be tempted by Rex, after my sweet childhood memories of the Inspector, but, well that does seem too common. I also remember having an obsession with Spot when I was young (remember him?), but where will I find a dog with a suitably spotty fur? Then again, I am not sure that cartoon characters are the way to go – I don’t see any Goofys or Plutos featuring in the RSPCA top 10.

I would probably go for something artistic, or somehow sophisticated at least. I remember my Godfather naming his dog Freud. So I could probably honour my love of opera and name my majestic German Shepherd (yes, I am getting one of those) Wagner. That seems imposing enough – and I am pretty sure I could tempt him to rest with the overture of Tannhäuser on a lazy Sunday afternoon.

Ultimately it is about something which echoes both your personality and your dog’s. It is a tough decision, and if you really want your family Christmas cards to make a difference, you have to think wisely!


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