Love at first site

My dearest,

I woke up with your bark. I knew that by the time I open my eyes it would be time. I rushed down and you were in your little house looking at me. In my hand I had some treats. I placed four in your plate and one, which I rolled towards your right front foot so that I will trick you into coming out. Eventually you came out, but they told me that it would be best for you if you wont eat more treats or else you would be sick. However, I couldn’t stop you from running to your plate and emptying it within seconds. It was the last time you cracked a smile of satisfaction.

After a few minutes the doctor approached you and petted you. It was the first time you were so calm, as if you knew what was going to happen. She told me that there would be three shots, one to calm you, one to fall asleep and the last one, the fatal one.

Three hours past, and you were gone to dog heaven, playing with your friends Lok and Roxanne.

They say that short before the end, you see your life as a black and white cinema movie. I don’t know what you saw but I saw that little puppy with the little pink belly coming into our home ready to give so much love. I also saw how fast we bonded and what a great team we made. You taught me so much when I was young and I will always admire you for that. You were a great listener and an amazing companion.

All I could see at that moment were the funny moments we shared and I almost forgot that you were leaving me.

Your name was Ekavi, the greatest Greek Shepard dog ever!

Eleven wonderful years with you!

I will never forget you!

Yours truly,


Ekavi and Lok.


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