Living with your best friend

“Hit me with your best love shot

Why don’t you hit me with your best love shot

Hit me with your best love shot

Pet me away”

While writing about this blog post, that song by Pat Benatar was my muse!

I had the privilege of being raised along with two dogs. It was the best life I could possibly imagine. Although I was young, around 10, I wanted to active on their needs like walk them, feed them, play with them, spend the night with me in my room and many more. This taught me how to be responsible for someone else and what taking care of someone else really means.

Most parents buy a pet for their children with the plan that their kid will take care of the pet, but eventually, the mother, father, grandparent or guardian is the one doing all the work.

Besides learning about responsibility, it was a great way to overcome my fear with dogs. When I was 6 years old a St. Bernard (one of the kindest and cutest breed ever) chased me down the road. He wanted to play but I was terrified as to me he seemed to be a giant dinosaur chasing me! Silly I know, but I was young! Ever since, I was afraid when a dog approached me and got really close to me, but when our first dog came into the family, I faced the exact same situation, but I knew that I had to overcome as this dog was my own, so it wouldn’t hurt me. Since then, we were best friends!

Our bond was even stronger than a covalent bond (two atoms who share electrons)! I taught her things and I learned even more from her!

When the second dog joined our little group, I was even happier as I had more work to do and learn even more!

This little boy in the pictures below, couldn’t go a step further without having by his side this little dog! His mother was excited to see that her son was feeling so relaxed to be around a pet for the first time!




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