The circus of ;(

Those who abuse animals are also likely to harm people – including their own family members. Animal cruelty is divided into two main types being neglect and intentional cruelty. Animals need love by all individuals and especially from their owners.

Circuses perform to various cities and locations; therefore, they are required to constantly move, like nomads. 31% of people are concerned about animals performing on circuses. Children, who are unaware of the way animals are treated in order to perform in a circus, view it as a great show and spectacle. The ugly truth for circuses is that the animals, most of which are quite large and naturally active, are forced to spend most of their lives in the cramped, barren cages and trailers used to transport them, with limited space to turn around. Most animals are allowed out of their cages only during short periods, while rehearsing. Elephants and primates are the ones that are commonly used for circuses shows. Obliging animals to perform such acts is against their nature and behavior. For example, seeing a dancing bear performing is an outrageous act that should be reported and abolished immediately.

There is a movie “Water for Elephants” directed by Francis Lawrence were it shows both inhumane and human actions towards circus animals. There is no need to torture an animal in order to obey instructions, but simply caring for the animal and try to use alternative ways. For instance, in a scene from the movie, the elephant didn’t obey the instructions and it was hit with a spear, while the protagonists tried an alternative and harmless method, by simply talking to the elephant in its previous trained language. In this way, the elephant performed the act, without being physically hurt.

Although, these people depend on these shows to earn money and make a living from it, they should find other ways to earn money without torturing and humiliating animals. Just because animals, cannot voice their thoughts and feelings, doesn’t mean that humans should be cruel to them. All living organisms should be treated with respect, no matter their size and role in the ecosystem that all organisms live in.

If they do not perform as instructed by their trainer they are likely to be tortured and wounded followed by cruel methods that may even cause their death during a performance. Trainers separate the offspring elephant from its mother, so as to be trained immediately to perform in public in the next show. People during a show applaud as they admire the spectacle without actually being aware of the animals’ torturous training.

Just imagine the level of anxiety that such animals feel, which is also considered as a method of torture. If no such shows existed, these animals would be in a farm, free, eating grass and enjoying nature.

Simon Cowell talking about animals


This is an exert of my  dissertation on “Whether celebrity figures can influence the public to become cruelty free.”


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